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The following job vacancies are posted as a courtesy of the Ohio SHRM State Council. Applicants must contact the employer directly as instructed in the posting for additional information and to apply. Job vacancies listed on this site are taken with the understanding that the employer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all Federal, state, and local fair employment laws and regulations. Employers may post jobs or search for candidates on the Ohio SHRM website. Job Seekers may search for jobs or post your resume on the Ohio SHRM website. Job postings are free for state council members and employers within the state. Non-members will be charged a $30 fee to post a job on the Ohio SHRM website for 30 days. Non-members should send a copy of the job description and contact information to Mike Medoro at marketing@ohioshrm.org .

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The SHRM Ohio State Council reserves the right to post, refuse to post, remove from posting, limit the size, and edit the posting (structure, grammar, spelling, size) as it sees fit at any time without prior approval of the organization wishing to post a vacancy. The SHRM Ohio State Council does not guarantee the accuracy or legitimacy of the vacancy posting, does not investigate the organization posting it, and does not accept any liability for any misstatements or damages to anyone resulting from these job postings. We wish to post vacancies only from organizations and individuals who subscribe to the principle of equal opportunity employment.