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2012 Program - Hunter Lott



Hunter Lott

Please Sue Me 2012 - Effective Employee Relations


Learning Objectives:
  1. Will review the top 5 legal exposures in 2012 and how your company can avoid them
  2. Discover how you can improve morale and avaoid legal complications by looking at the following policies - probationary periods, no-dating policies, exit interviews and are keeping salaries a secret
  3. Provide examples of preventative policies that you can implement to limit your legal liability
Session Description:

Laugh, shake your head and be amazed as you analyze the headlines from this year's best EEOC cases and learn techniques for harmony, productivity and staying out of court.

This session blends employment practices, humor and the law to simplify and make practical the answers to some of today's toughest management issues. Takeaways include: A summary of the top 5 legal exposures for 2012; How to convince management at all levels, to initiate safe HR procedures and get out of the "babysitting" business; and Dozens of sample preventive policies that limit your legal liability.

Speaker Biography:

Hunter Lott is the rare combination of subject expert plus top-level speaker plus entertainer. He knows his subject well - down to case law - and makes it easy, palatable, and fun. Hunter's book, Please Sue Me: The Guide to Safe Hiring and Firing Practices for the Frontline Manager with a Short Attention Span has been published annually since 2007. He has delivered over 4000 presentations to over 100,000 business owners and managers. He grew up in Kansas City, attended Tulane University, graduated from Iowa State University and currently lives in Rochester, Minnesota.