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01/24/2018 04:18 AM

Home Depot’s Rounding Policy for Payroll Is OK

SHRM Article ImageHome Depot’s policy of rounding employees’ time punched in and out to the nearest quarter hour does not violate California’s wage and hour laws, according to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. [...]

For Benefit Platforms, Employers Value User Experience Above Cost

SHRM Article ImagePrice is not the primary driver for large employers that are choosing among benefits administration technology platforms. Ease of use for benefits administrators and employees and the ability to integrate benefits technology with HR information systems were higher priorities than cost for HR respondents, a national survey of primarily Fortune 1000 companies shows. [...]

Should New Blood Pressure Guidelines Alter Wellness Incentives?

SHRM Article ImageManagers of nationally recognized corporate wellness programs say that newly issued blood pressure guidelines that sharply increased the number of Americans classified as having hypertension are not signals to compel their employees to begin stricter treatment regimens. They will, however, take advantage of the new guidelines to educate their workforces about consistent pursuit of better health. [...]