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Workforce Readiness Success Stories

Please share your success stories by sending them to Rebecca Jeffries at RJeffries@groupbenefitsagency.com

  • School-to-Career Grant Winners / HRACO Newsletter
  • FAHRA - June 09 (George Markon)
    • The June program for FAHRA was WorkforceDevelopment Made Easy presented by Carolyn Smithers, Workforce Development Administrator, JOBsolutions. The program focused on JOBsolutions as a no cost local resource to assist employers with employment and training concerns in these challenging economic times. Carolyn included an overall picture of local employment issues and specific programs to address training and development needs.
  • The Licking County HRMA held it's 2nd "How to Have a Successful Interview" and Mock Interview Sessions. (April Rogers)
    • We partner with our local One Stop/Opportunity Links and hold a 4hr program on one day and do mock interviews the second day. We have Board members be the lead on each topic and then ask for 1 -3 volunteer for each subject to help present material relating to preparation before the interview, how to dress, following directions on ads, and the actual interview questions themselves. Then the participants can practice their interviewing skills by signing up for mock interviews the following day. This allows them to put into action what they learned the previous day. We did this back in 2006 and with the way the economy is today, we partnered again this year. We had over 50 participants at the workshop and approx 15 members volunteered their time and expertise.
  • Toledo Area HRA (Tom Foos) is working with UT. They bring strategic thought to the branding of TAHRA as well as WR issues locally.
    • We are partnering with the University of Toledo locally to conduct a resume review as well as mock interview process for college of business students at the university. This will bring visibility to TAHRA as well as provide a great service from HR professionals to the students. This will take place sometime this fall semester 2009.
  • Miami Valley HRA (Jim Vose) is taking the SHRM partnership with JA to the next level. They have also prepared a wonderful flyer to present to local schools that could expand their JA project soon!
    • The MVHRA has just started our workforce readiness initiative with Junior Achievement and the local high schools. Starting in April, MVHRA members will be teaching the JA program, JA Success Skills at two local high schools. We are planning to expand this program to several other high schools in the fall. Click HERE for flyer.
  • Lake Geauga Chapter (Denise Tomazic) has a strong development plan for 2009. They are exceptionally organized and understand their members and the critical need to sustain passion and recognize even small areas of improvement. aka: Geauga Workforce Development Initiatives.
  • HRACO (Ken Lazar) this year is using the In Transition program for HR professionals seeking employment. The nice catch to this one is the use of HRACO Bucks to increase attendance, membership and assistance. Nice job HRACO.
    • Announcing Assistance for HR Professionals in Job Transition
      • HRACO is pleased to announce that we will once again be holding our workshops for HR professionals who are in job transition. During 2009, we will be holding workshops in April, June, August and November. The In-Transition workshops will be held in the Hancock Room of the Fawcett Center from 10:30 to 11:30 just before our monthly lunches.
      • For our first meeting, we will be hosting a panel discussion of career coaches who will be able to answer all of your questions about your job search. Included on the panel will be Karin Combs, President of Source One HR Consulting, Celia Crossley, President of Celia Crossley & Associates, Sharon DeLay, President of Permanent Ink and Kevin Tucker, President of C-Cubed. All panel members are experts in their field and will offer excellent advice on you job search strategy. Please be prepared with your questions! This is a great opportunity!
      • Each participant will receive $50 HRACO bucks for attending. You can use this money towards your membership or towards luncheons or workshops. The HRACO bucks expire in 90 days so please put these to good use. If you are not a currently a member of HRACO, we can suggest they use this towards your membership. This would allow you to join HRACO for a 50% discount. Membership places you on our email/mailing list to receive notifications of future events and allow you access to a wide range of online resources.
      • We look forward to seeing you at the April In-Transition Workshop.
  • Akron SHRM (James Sneed) has formed an excellent partnership with Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority. For 4 years they have had successful workforce readiness programs.
    • “During my tenure as Workforce Development Chairperson, I established a Workforce Training Sessions with Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority.
      • Currently, were in our fourth year.
      • These sessions are usually held in the spring and fall, and usually last for 4 weeks. Our training was part of AMHA "Self-Efficient” Program.
      • The sessions are normally two hours. The following topics are addressed:
        • Career vs. Job Completion of Job Application
        • Resume Building: Learning type of resume, which fits your need.
        • Importance of Background Check
        • Staffing Agencies-Guest Speaker
        • "Mock Interviewing / Dress for Success"
        • Mini-Job Fair, with representation from the ODJIF (Job Center)”
  • Cleveland SHRM’s (Lauren Rudman) focus on student workforce readiness is really paying off. These 3 solid HR education related programs are a model for WR throughout the state.
    • Cleveland SHRM members volunteered at Success Tech Academy to put on Junior Achievement's Career with a Purpose Program to 10th graders.For more information on Junior Achievement, visit www.ja.org
    • Cleveland SHRM's Education Committee volunteered at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center's Job Fair, in which we assisted students in filling out applications for summer employment. 40 employers were in attendance.
    • Cleveland SHRM's Education Committee also volunteered at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center's mock interviews. Members assisted with Auto Body Mechanic interviews. We also conducted mock interviews at Baldwin Wallace College for students in the BW SHRM chapter. An interview took place, pairing a CSHRM member with a BW SHRM member. The interview took place, and feedback was given to the student immediately after.