Ohio SHRM State CouncilAffiliate of The Society for Human Resource Management

Ohio State Council Mission

The Ohio SHRM State Council is dedicated to advancing Human Resources excellence through shared knowledge, development, & leadership.

(Revised October 2018)

Ohio State Council Vision

To be the leading resource for advancing the HR profession in Ohio.

(Revised October 2018)

Structure of State Council

The members of the council are the Presidents of the Society's chapters in Ohio along with the State Director, State Director Elect, District Directors assigned to various regions of the state, Treasurer, Secretary, and various program directors and committee chairs including the chair of the Ohio Human Resource Conference.  An annual meeting schedule for the Ohio SHRM State Council is published for the benefit of Ohio SHRM State Council members and chapter officers.  The Ohio SHRM State Council meetings are open only to Ohio SHRM State Council members, Chapter Presidents and President Elects, SHRM officials, and invited guests.  See our State Council Directory for a complete listing.